Located northwest of Southey, SK we have just over 80 acres of land.  Most of it is leased out to one of our neighbours.  We’re currently raising Satin Angora rabbits, New Zealand meat rabbits, Cornish cross chickens, and turkeys.  Our plans in the next few years include heritage chickens, bees, and according to Rochelle and Caity a goat.

Our 4 legged farm workers include our Pyrenees / Border collie rescue named Lily.  Her favorite food is prairie dog, and favorite toys are the muskrats that she catches.  She hates coyotes, but as her barking keeps them a good distance away she hasn’t brought us any presents.  There is also an assortment of cats who have realized that we provide them food and have deigned to stick around as long as the buffet continues to supplement their mouse and vole rations.

We believe that all of our animals deserve respect, that they should be as comfortable and happy as we can reasonably make them.  We take care of them to the best of our abilities, but the reason that they exist is to produce either food or fibre. We are constantly learning, and don’t hesitate to ask when we have concerns or questions about our animals.

One of our favorite stories is when we overheard our oldest daughter apologizing to the chickens for having to move them out of her way.  When we asked her about it as we were worried she was getting too attached, her response was “I just want the chickens to live a happy life so they taste better.”